SSV - API Partners

SongSelect Integration
"SongSelect does what?"

Yes, you can always access SongSelect directly, but did you know you can also access SongSelect through several top worship resources?

SongSelect is proud to integrate with the following authorized API Partners and that list continues to grow…



elvanto is an online church database, worship planning and rostering software that will allow you as a church, no matter the size, to organise your people with its powerful features. Managing your church is now simple, efficient and effective!


MediaShout combines worship presentation tools with the ability to simultaneously edit and play your presentation without interrupting your audience. Designed for volunteers and professionals alike, MediaShout makes it easy to create beautiful presentations and deliver Life’s Most Important Message to any size audience.

OnSong App

OnSong makes it easy for worship leaders to organize their teams. Access your library of songs instantly and pull them into sets with a few taps. Transpose, capo and annotate and then share with your team. Project lyrics right from the stage and play backing tracks. It’s a must for any musician’s iPad.

Planning Center Online

Planning Center helps you plan and organize your services, schedule your teams, store media and more. Worship leaders, team members, programming directors and service coordinators login to find everything they need in one place!


Proclaim moves the creation of your presentation from a single computer to the web where pastors, worship leaders and volunteers can work on it from their Mac or PC throughout the week, and then use Proclaim for the presentation.


ProPresenter 5 is the evolution of our award winning presentation software used by some of the most innovative churches and worship leaders around the world and adds completely new functionality to make service preparation easier, and the overall impact of your presentations greater.

Sharefaith Presenter

Sharefaith Presenter (TM) takes PowerPoint from being a fantastic business presentation tool, to making it professional worship presentation software by combining text over video for seamless slide transitions. With full integration to the SongSelect database, Sharefaith Presenter makes creating a worship service a breeze.


SongBeamer allows you to experience the new standard for displaying songs, scripture, photos, videos, DVD to your congregation. SongBeamer has been designed for speed and reliability and is so easy to use that about everybody will get started within minutes.

SongShow Plus

SongShow Plus is a full-feature worship presentation software application for the projection of song lyrics, scripture, videos, and slide shows. It includes support for real-time image processing capabilities, slide show assistants, stage display, environmental projection, multiple displays, text over live video, nursery alerts, custom countdown timers, and common Bible translations.


Worship Keeper is a suite of worship leader software tools to enable your entire team to work together, and work more efficiently. Sermons, backgrounds, videos, notes and all of your other worship media are all seamlessly integrated into Worship Keeper for smooth transitions. The ability to import music from CCLI’s SongSelect puts all of the current music at your fingertips. has many features to help you create and organize multiple services and worship flows, organize your teams and schedule people to serve, and centralize your library of music for easy access by team members from virtually anywhere.


Powered by SongSelect API

To date, the only way to access SongSelect was directly through the customer facing website. This has posed a challenge to both customers and developers of third party worship planning and presentation solutions.

An API into SongSelect will provide better integration and most importantly, a better experience for our customers.

The Purpose (Mission)

Provide qualified third parties access to a SongSelect API for SongSelect subscribers. This includes:

  • New Search
  • Song Data
  • Lyrics
  • Chord Charts (Transposable)
  • User Authentication
  • Automatic tracking of SongSelect usage/activity (important point this is not CCL reporting, but limited to SongSelect activity).