SongSelect includes several features we think you'll find extremely useful. The following is an overview of some of the key features.


What's New

New Chord Sheet Format - Improved layout, faster loading time!

1: Loads faster

It is in HTML5, so it renders on the screen almost instantly. This makes for a much better mobile experience!

2: Includes more musical info (when possible)

The new format will include the Tempo (beats per minute) and Time Signature of the song under the Key Indicator in the upper right section.

Includes more musical info (when possible)

3: Improved Look / Layout

In working with musicians (predominately guitar and piano players), we've updated the visual layout of sections so they are easier read. The changes include:
  • Easy to read / identify "Section Label" in all caps and left aligned
  • Indented music sections
  • Bold chord symbols
Improved Look / Layout

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Save your favorite songs in a list.

Chances are that you access a certain set of songs more than once. It's easier than ever to save a favorite song to a list and access it from anywhere on the site.


Adding a song to your favorites.

Now you can add a song to your favorites list by clicking on the heart icon next to any song. Do this from the home page, the list of search results, or even the song detail pages. Once you have added a song to your favorites, the heart icon next to the song will show a gold heart so you will know this is saved to the list.

Access your favorites from anywhere.

When you are signed in, you will see a menu item added at the top of the page called Favorites.

Selecting this menu item will open a list of all the songs you have saved to your favorites and allows you to quickly access any content related to that song.

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Several quick browsing lists have been set up for your convenience.



This will bring up a complete list of Themes that you can click on to view songs that match that theme. You can also start typing in the Search Themes box to filter down the list.

Popular Songs

Formerly known as Top SongSelect Songs, this list will show songs that are most frequently used within SongSelect. This list will change more regularly than Top CCLI Songs since it looks at weekly usage rather than a previous reporting period.

Top CCLI Songs

You can easily access the list of Top CCLI Songs to find out what other churches are using. This list goes beyond just the usage in SongSelect and allows you to see a broader perspective on what churches have reported on over a set period of time.

Recently Added

The Public Domain list will show all songs with a Public Domain copyright. These songs will not count against your unique song used.

What's New

We are always working hard to provide you with quality content for the songs that you use. When we add new sheet music to a song, it will cause that song to appear on the What's New list.

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